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Heart Smart Butcher Box

$85.00 Each

  • 2 X 500g  Chicken Breast Stir-fry Strips 

  • 1 X 500g  Diced Lamb

  • 4 X 200g Eye Fillet Steaks 

  • 2 X 500g Pork Stir-fry Strips  

  • 1kg *Lean Beef Mince (90% Lean)

A Butcher Box that will keep your ticker in top shape!

The Heart Smart Butcher Box incorporates a variety of proteins with less than 4% fat!

When prepared in conjunction with fresh vegetables & fruits, your produce will provide over a week filled with highly nutritious low fat meals.

Lean beef & lamb trimmed of all visible fat has less than 4% saturated fat & earns the Heart Foundation Tick of approval.

MidWest Meats 100% Natural  


  • Our Lean Mince is made fresh daily by our Butchers without any additives or preservative, so please use or freeze within 24 hours.
  • All products are Gluten Free.
  • Use your Enjoy Newsletter included in your first Produce Pantry Order to make sure your Country Fresh Produce remains fresh and full of nutrients for each meal.
  • Download your FREE copy of a tried and tested High Protein Meal Plan to use in conduction with your low fat produce 

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