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Inglenook Dairy Full Cream 2LTR Milk UnHomogenised

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2ltr Full Cream

We also know this product by its description "Cream Top".

When you love your cows it only follows that your milk will be of exceptional quality and served in its most natural form with no additives. 

It all starts with naturally produced milk.

Inglenook Dairy Cows are pasture fed in a natural farm environment in Dunnstown Victoria to create a good old fashioned product that has a rich and creamy texture.

The milk is refrigerated, pasteurised and homogenised on site according to the product with the highest quality control procedures to ensure it is delivered fresh within 48 hours.

  • Cream Top Milk (Pasteurised Only) 
  • Low Fat Milk (Pasteurised and Homogenised)
  • Cream