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Mid West Meats

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


Mid West Meats (MWM) are committed to continuous improvement in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy by;

  • Encouraging our business partners to implement CSR;
  • Continually improving our performance and meeting all applicable legislation and regulations within the Australian Meat Industry;
  • Training staff to be mindful of the effect of their use of non-renewable resources.

 MWM recognizes that CSR embraces all aspects of sustainable development and social issues which are of the most relevance to MWM and the Meat Industry as a whole and with a specific emphasis on the local industry.

 MWM shall operate in a way that safeguards business practices and believes that it is necessary to develop relationships between the business and the local and regional community as it is a vital part of delivering business success.

 MWM will continue to review this policy to encourage engagement with business partners and to promote development.

  1. Corporate Governance
    • MWM are committed to ensuring that business is conducted in all respects according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards
    • All Laws and Regulations, specifically those stipulated by the Australian Meat Council, will be complied with
    • MWM Endeavour to ensure all stakeholders have confidence in the decision-making and management processes of the service provided, by the conduct and professionalism of the staff. MWM will do this by continually training and developing staff through partnerships with regional employment and apprenticeship programs such as Skilled Connection
    • All groups and individuals that engage in business with MWM will be treated in a fair, open and respectful manner
    • Feedback on performance will be actively sought and MWM will encourage customers to give feedback on our performance
    • Competition will be based upon the quality and integrity of our service and produce being upheld 
  1. Environment
    • MWM objective is to reduce the impact on the environment by committing to continual improvement of resource using practices, in particular the use of water and electricity
    • MWM will maintain transparent about their environmental impact and keep records of electricity, water and waste management
    • MWM is a part of the Blood and Bone Fertilizer initiative to recycle meat waste, therefore reducing our unrecyclable waste
    • MWM sources products and staff locally, thus reducing the amount emissions caused by vehicles
  1. Human Rights
    • MWM aims to support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights
    • MWM aims to eliminate discrimination (Race, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Age or Religion) in the workplace and promote equal opportunity
  1. Local Community
    • MWM sources products, meat or otherwise, from local areas to support the local economy and community
    • MWM sources staff locally to give back to the community that allows for the success of the business, as well as reducing local unemployment and providing growth to the regional sector
    • MWM gives back to the local community by way of charity and sponsorship of local organizations and clubs 
  1. Ethical Trading
    • MWM aims to provide ethical trading with suppliers, distributors and customers by remaining aligned with the market and supplying locally sources and accredited goods
    • MWM aims to be transparent with all clients and suppliers when engaging in business