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Side Of "RippleVale" Lamb 11KG

Ripplevale Lamb Shoulder 1kg
$186.00 Each

Cryovac Packaging with Bone Guard *see notes (increase packs in cart)

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Our STANDARD butchering of the side of lamb will provide you with:

  • LEG OF LAMB Shank on
  • Loin Chops
  • BBQ Chops
  • Chump Chops
  • Lamb rack or Lamb Cutlets
  • TRIM

**Cryovacing is an extra cost. Please select the amount of cryovac bags. We recommend only cryovacing the leg of lamb, so please select one or if you want more cryovaced add notes in the Additional Info Box at checkout. We do not reccommend cryovacing chops as they are fine frozen. Items are packed in freezer bags (no tray packaging). If you do not select cryovac bags but wish to discuss with the Butcher, he can manually charge out the cryovac packaging.

**Special Instruction please call us in business hours alternatively leave a note for us in the Additional Info Box at checkout.

Can be frozen for local runs (freezing is not ideal for Melbourne Metro & Regional Home Delivery, we will deliver fresh for you to freeze at your discretion).

Our side of LAMB does not include offal these can be purchased separately in the lamb section of our store depending on availability.

Side of Lamb price $16.99kg



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