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Southern Ranges Grass Fed Whole Porterhouse MBS 4+ | 6.61KG

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Whole Porterhouse 

Marble Score 4+

Grass Fed Angus Beef hand selected in Gippsland & locally

Cryovac Packed 


Australian Meat Group work with their network of accredited farmers to ensure they purchase 100% naturally grass fed cattle free from Antibiotics and Hormone Growth Promotants.

Access to this superior quality livestock coupled with their rigorous hand selected grading system ensures only the best is included in Southern Ranges Platinum Brand. This stringent selection criteria ensures that all Southern Ranges Platinum products boast natural marbling, rich colour, flavour and tenderness. Superior eating quality is guaranteed.
The Southern Ranges Platinum Brand has quickly gained a reputation of quality and consistency from retail and food service sectors across Australian and International markets.

We can offer this beautiful beef for a limited time and know you will love this premium produce.


**Image supplied by producer

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