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Whole Brisket min. 2.5kg

$45.00 2.5 kg

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The point end brisket is essentially the beef pectoral muscles.

Being a well exercised muscle, the point end has a high degree of connective tissue and is best suited to slow wet cooking methods such as braising and casseroling.

Also the USA BBQ Choice Cut. 

This beef cut is perfect for shredding as it literally pulls apart when cooked.

  • Brisket is sold WHOLE $15.99kg & lightly trimmed unless otherwise specified at the Check Out.
  • Specify at the Check Out if you wold like your Brisket butchered to another method than the above. BRING IT ON!
  • Brisket is Grass Fed locally sourced Beef which is premium quality.
  • We can source Brisket up to 3kg grass fed and bigger if you prefer grain fed, simply email your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the Online Team will supply you with a Special Product Code.