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Murray River Salt Flakes

Murray River Salt
$8.95 Pack

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250g Box

WHY DO WE STOCK THIS AMAZNING SALT? Not only is it the worldwide Chef’s choice, it is also helping restore and manage Victorian waterways, and as farmers we LOVE that!

Throw it around with delight, knowing you are helping to reduce salinity in national waterways.

With decades of inland saline water mineral extraction experience, Murray River Gourmet Salt has gained significant knowledge and developed distinctive techniques to sustainably extract value added salts from the inland brines. Murray River Gourmet Salt has been instrumental in contributing to efforts to combat the major environmental issue of salinity that exists in the Murray Darling Basin. Since operations began, tens of thousands of salt have been diverted from entering the Murray River, which is the major water source for food production in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. In 2004, the Governor General awarded Sunsalt the National Institute of Engineers Salinity Award. This award is for companies who have demonstrated successful methods of reducing salinity impacts on the environment.




Neil Perry NHead Chef - Rockpool On George, Sydney

 ”Purity, flavour and texture. As a chef, these are the reasons I love Murray River Salt. If I was an environmentalist, I would factor in that these guys are assisting in eradicating Australia’s massive salinity issue, in their own small way.  Were I a dietician – I’d be considering the great effects of magnesium, calcium and the natural minerals this salt carries, and the fact that it has no additives or preservatives. At the end of the day though – when it comes down to the plain and simple context of how I like to eat and what I choose to feed my customers, I don’t look past Murray River Salt.”


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