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  • Gourmet Bangers & Mash

    Can Bangers & Mash be gourmet? You bet! Try my simple but delicious recipe today. Remember the secret is my Gourmet Cracked Pepper & Worcestershire Sausages, anything else will not "cut the mustard". 

    Serve with Mash Potatoes, green salad or your favourite veg


  • Wild West Worcestershire Sauce

    250ml bottle

    The Best In The West!
    CWA Polwarth #1 Winning Worcestershire Sauce

    Geelong Show multiple #1 wins

    MidWest meats' very own Wild West Worcestershire Sauce is the perfect complement for one of our delicious steak selections!
    Each batch is handmade and shows different characteristics, this particular batch is intense, rich and fruity.
    Also great as a flavour enhancer for a casserole or stew or just slap it on your chop!

    Only At MidWest Meats

    • Recipe made with Malt vinegar which is not gluten free because it contains malt which contains barley. The starting material for malt vinegar can include barley, rye, or wheat. Because these vinegars are made from alcohol that has been fermented and not distilled they are not gluten free.