Your order will be individually cut and packed by a Senior Butcher. Our service is custom, every order is unique. 

We are not providing you with pre packaged factory produced goods, we are supplying farm gate artisan butchery, therefore meat and poultry sizes can vary seasonally.

This is the reason your produce will be fresher, tastier and exceptionally wholesome.

What will be supplied as per description is the weight of meat you receive. Meats and fresh produce must be supplied by weight as specified by Weights and Measures Laws in Australia.

We will supply what is in your order but please note when your Butcher prepares your order he will honour the weight and the produce. 

For example, if you order 500g of Chicken Breast, you will receive 500g of Chicken Breast. However, when you order 2 X 500g Chicken Breast the Butcher will supply 1kg of Chicken Breast but the weight on each tray may slighter differ, however the total weight supplied will be 1kg. Not all chickens have an exact 250g or 500g chicken breast. As weights and sizes vary weekly, item numbers per each, 500g or per kg are only an approximate. We sell by weight not per item smile We have used chicken as an example however, this will apply to all other meats.

We do not recommend splitting orders, however that is a decision for you and really depends on what you are ordering. The reason we do not recommend splitting orders is that for example 1kg of Chops may have 7 in a pack and you cant spilt half a chop.

We give 100% when preparing online orders and use our 70 years industry experience when preparing your produce, however if you want something special, simply add a note in the Additional Info Box at checkout.