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Wood Smoked 1/2 Ham On The Bone

Half Leg Ham
$59.99 4 kg

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 Traditional Wood Smoked Half Ham On The Bone min. weight 4kg

Cured & Smoked by our artisan Butchers for over 70 years!

Double hickory-smoked local 100% local Aussie Pork

We've been smoking Hams over 70 years in our little country Store!


100% Local Pork

Cooked In The MidWest Meats Smoke House

  • Hams are cured by hand and double smoked by our artisan Butchers  
  • Using only locally produced pork each and every ham is hand cured and smoked.
  • Please order 3 days in advance as we smoke your ham to order except from November to January & Easter when we have in stock.
  • Please check with the ONLINE CHAT TEAM or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for availability.
  • Hams are hand smoked to order and will be shipped when prepared. 

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