Product featured in the Christmas Hamper Butcher Box 

which includes your amazing artisan locally farmed Rolled Loin of Pork

Follow my simple HOW TO steps and you'll be a Pork Crackle Star!

 My cooking method is also suitable for our wonderful Rack Of Pork

Support local Aussie Pork farmers and your LOCAL Butcher when purchasing your Pork Roasts!

As you are using a Loin OR Rack of Pork prepared by our artisan Butchers, it is already prepared, rolled and scored and ready for you to roast.

Using a 2KG Boneless Loin Of Pork:

1               Preheat your oven to 220°,

2               Make sure pork rind is dry, then rub pork with a mix of oil, salt & plain flour,

3               Place pork on a rack in a large, well greased baking dish,

4               Cook for 30 minutes until a great level of crackle is achieved,

5               Reduce heat to 180° and cook pork for a further 45 minutes or (30 minutes Rack of Pork),

6               Stand for 10 minutes,

7               Remove string & carve!

We enjoy this cut of meat for any occasion, but it is especially fantastic for a Christmas Table. A 2kg Boneless Rolled Loin of pork will feed 6 people.

Roasting normally reduces end weight of the meat on average by about 20%. Always take this into consideration when buying meats for roasting. Alternatively, ask your friendly Butcher to calculate the weight and cooking time for your meat.

When resting your roast make sure you transfer to a warm plate!

Check out this product In Store, or in the Pork Section of our Butcher Shop “The Country Produce Pantry”!

To accompany your delicious roast pork, try my super quick and easy Christmas Pear and Cranberry Relish recipe. Obviously it can be Christmas every day in your kitchen, why not enjoy all year round.

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