There is nothing more nutritious and healthy as an evening BBQ meal. A fresh salad and a lean pice of premium steak is a meal fit for a king.

Many cuts of meat work splendidly on the BBQ, but none better than our seriously sensational locally farmed "paddock to plate" steaks.

To make the most of the warm evenings I also enjoy roasting whole cuts of beef on our hooded BBQ. This is a great way to roast, it minimises fat during the cooking process without compromising flavour.

There are slight differences between the different cuts of steak available. We as people are all unique and have different pallate preferences regarding our steak and how it is cooked.

My favourite steak is a T-Bone which comes as no surprise to my Instagram followers! My husband Justin's favourite steak is Scotch Fillet. Obviously, Justin has to compromise, which means every Monday is char grilled T-Bone Steak night weather permitting "Happy Wife = Happy Life"!  

It's a fabulous idea to try different cuts of steak to see what suits your taste. Some steaks are more suitable for different  budgets and occasions, for instance, you would be up for a small fortune if you wanted to serve T-Bones at a casual BBQ for many people. However, when its a family of four and you want a wonderful steak to showcase, T-Bone Steak is a great choice.

I believe Australia has the best beef in the world, especially in our parts with our lush green paddocks and dedicated farming community. This also means that our less expensive cuts of steak, although a little traditionally tougher, can be delicious with a little preparation.

Here are the most common steaks, listed in order of our best selling;

  1. RUMP STEAK ~ A great all-rounder which as a whole cut is also a great roast beef. Rump steak is great value, lean and full flavoured. A little more on the chew than some other cuts, but it makes up for that in flavour. I also like Rump Steak diced for full flavours casseroles as it needs less cooking time than other flavoured cuts.

  2. SCOTCH FILLET STEAK ~ One of our most popular steaks and even more popular sold in a whole piece for roasting on the BBQ. Juicy, tender and full of flavour. The fat seam running through the steak keeps it tender whilst cooking. Its a crowd pleaser.

  3. T-BONE STEAK ~ The quintessential Aussie Steak and my favourite. Both Eye Fillet and Porterhouse makes this cut tender, rich and flavoursome and perfect chargrilled. A larger cut, more suited to steak lovers.

  4. PORTERHOUSE STEAK or otherwise known as SIRLOIN ~ An all time favourite, especially in America where it is also referred to as NEW YORK STEAK. A fine, firm texture that is rich in flavour. This cut is also super lean, especially when chargrilled.

  5. EYE FILLET ~ The most under and lean of all steaks. Mild and subtle in flavour which allows this steak to also absorb cooking partners, such as butter and garlic better than most other cuts. This is a wonderful steak for chargrilling or pan frying.

  6. BBQ BEEF STEAK ~ or otherwise known as OYSTER BLADE ~ Majority of this steak is sold marinaded in our Teriyaki flavour. We tenderise this steak so its perfect for young and old. Buy plain for a ripper steak sandwich. This steak is perfect on the BBQ chargrilled. A great value option to feed the masses, a favourite of sporting clubs for fundraisers.

What's with the price variations?

Why do steak prices vary so much between cuts? It simply comes down to availability and popularity or supply and demand.

The Eye Fillet for example makes up a smaller portion of the animal, so there’s less to go around, more demand and a higher cost. The Eye Fillet also weighs less than other cuts due to the low fat content, so even though it costs more per kilo, the final price is surprisingly affordable. 

That doesn’t mean the cheaper cuts aren’t as good. Rump and oyster blade steaks for example, are plentiful, full-flavoured, lean and great value. An Aussie favourite is the humble Steak sandwich, and my favourite steak cut is our BBQ Steak. Our BBQ Streak is tenderised so it cooks evenly, its the perfect size between two fresh slices of bakers bread.

Check out the Managers Special Section of the store to see if your favourite steaks on special this week!

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