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Thanks for stopping by our Farmer Owned Online Butchery and welcome to my Meat Blog & Country Kitchen Featured Recipes! 

My name is Sara and I live on a farm with my family at Birregurra, Victoria, the heartland of the bountiful regional food hub of the Western District!

My husband Justin & I are the proud owners of the iconic local bespoke Butchery &  Produce store, MidWest Meats which now incorporates the Online "Country Produce Pantry".

I created MWM Online Country Produce Pantry Online Butchery in 2014 to promote locally farmed "paddock to plate" ethically farmed produce.  

The produce we sell is produced by my family, my neighbours and reputable farmers in and around Birregurra. 

We have a 100km localism ethos when sourcing produce, that keeps the food in the Country Produce Pantry local, fresh and community based.

I have been working in the Meat Industry owning and operating Bespoke Butcheries with my husband Justin, since I completed my studies at Orange Agricultural College back in the "hay" day. Studies which I furthered at Sydney University, and then Queensland University!

My areas of expertise is quite simply FOOD! Farming food, sourcing ethically farmed foods, butchering, preparing & cooking seasonal locally sourced food!

My passion is enjoying quality ingredients with family and friends and knowing others are doing the same.

I believe everyone can afford fresh wholesome food, and the more people that value local food source, the more affordable it will become. 

In order to enjoy food, we need to respect and understand it's many complexities. Once we understand where and how our food is grown, we have a greater ability to prepare amazing delicious meals for family and friends.

This BLOG is designed to give you all the tips and tricks of the trade and have y'all smiling each and every meal!

Have an enquiry about any of my local produce? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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Tips for cooling, reheating, freezing & defrosting Winter warmers

We often get asked about how to keep produce wholesome, specifically “how to” and “how long" to store produce. We take freshness extremely seriously all year long, however here is a guide that is specifically relevant to your winter fresh country produce. Slow simmered beef and lamb meals are the perfect winter dish to make today and its great to make extra to enjoy later. Here are loads of great tips you’ll need to cool, reheat, freeze and defrost slow simmered beef and lamb meals easily and safely. Remember, less waste also adds more value! Country Produce Pantry Online clients will receive our “Enjoy Letters” detailing produce hygiene and safety with their home delivery, these guides are complementary and a great keep sake to make sure your food is always fresh and delicious. 

Tips for cooling slow simmered beef and lamb meals

  •  Refrigerate the hot beef or lamb meal immediately after the steam from cooking has evaporated
  • Cool food as quickly as possible by placing in a shallow container and then into the fridge.
  • Slow simmered beef and lamb meals can keep for 2 to 3 days in the refrigerator.

Reheating slow simmered beef and lamb meals on the cook top

  1. Bring the refrigerated (or thawed) meal to the boil slowly over a medium heat in a saucepan.
  2. Reduce the heat to low and simmer, stirring occasionally.
  3. Simmer gently for 3 minutes or until the beef or lamb and sauces are steaming hot (above 75°C) all the way through.

Reheating slow simmered beef and lamb meals in the microwave

  1. Place refrigerated (or thawed) meal into a deep-sided microwave safe dish, then cover. Covering the dish stops the meat drying out and speeds up the reheating time.
  2. Place dish on the outside of the turntable in the microwave.
  3. Reheat on high; stir periodically to ensure consistent heating throughout. The reheating time varies depending on the quantity.
  4. Heat until the beef or lamb and sauces are steaming hot (above 75°C) all the way through.

Tips for freezing slow simmered beef and lamb meals

  • Place the cooked meal into a shallow container once the steam from cooking has evaporated. Add a little water if needed to keep the beef or lamb just covered. This stops the meat becoming dry or getting freezer burn.
  • Place the container into the fridge. Once the dish is cool, transfer to the freezer.
  • When reheating frozen beef and lamb meals make sure you refrigerate any leftovers immediately and use within 1 day. Do not refreeze any leftovers.

Defrosting slow simmered beef and lamb meals

  • Cover and place in the refrigerator until the beef or lamb meal is defrosted.
  • You can also use the microwave to defrost the beef or lamb meal if you’re short on time. To speed up the microwave defrosting process, separate defrosted portions from the still frozen sections of the meal.
  • Reheat until both the beef or lamb and sauce are steaming hot (above 75°C) all the way through.


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