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**NEW** Lard Ass Chilli Peppers Cultured Butter 150g

$10.99 Each

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Lactose Free due to the culture process

Sultry, slightly spicy, a touch of herbs and a good swift kick of chilli this butter is guaranteed to please.

Includes 3 peppers - espelette, aleppo and red pepper. Full of flavour with the added warmth at the end but not about to blow your head off. 3 month shelf life. Refrigerate at or below 4 degrees Celcius.

Ideal for bbqs and seafood and when you’re stuck on what to feed the kids –  a good serving of Smoky Pomodoro melted through a bowl of pasta – dinner sorted!

Entertaining? This baby slathered on crackers – you won’t stop at one.

You’re welcome!

Shelf life – 3 months in the fridge. 6 months when frozen. Keep refrigerated at or below 4C.

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