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MWM Managers Special Butcher Box

$99.00 Each
MSBB BBQ Steak Flavour Selection

Boscastle Family Classic Aussie Beef Pie 1.2kg

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Our most popular Butcher Box, as the products in this Butcher Box, are your favourite items in store!

We regularly change the items in the box depending on what the Manager considers the highest rating amongst store customers, coupled with what he considers the best value!

Please see our individual descriptions for products in The Build A Box section of the store

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* Products are prepared fresh in store each day. 

* We recommend any crumbed products be eaten first. Breadcrumbs cook crunchier when eaten the day of preparation.

* None of the MWM Online produce has been frozen.

*CLICK HERE for tips and tricks for keeping and using your fresh produce wholesome



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